3 Pressure Points to Target for Tension Headache Relief

In the UK, approximately 1 in 30 adults suffer from chronic tension headaches – meaning that they experience a headache on more than half of all days for three months or more. Anyone who struggles with tension headaches on a regular basis knows how debilitating they can be, and it’s not always as straightforward as managing them with painkillers or medication.

If you find yourself in this situation, holistic treatment options like physiotherapy or massage therapy could be the answer.

How Does Massage Therapy Help with Tension Headaches?

Massage therapy is a highly effective treatment solution, especially if your tension headaches occur as a result of muscle tension or stress. The techniques employed by a qualified massage therapist will target the cause of your pain and offer relief by:

●     Enhancing relaxation to reduce stress-related tension headaches and migraine

●     Reducing muscle spasms

●     Easing muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back

●     Releasing shorted muscles

●     Relieving pressure on the nerves and blood vessels

●     Increasing blood circulation

●     Decreasing sleep disturbances

Headache Relief Pressure Points

Certain areas of the body may offer pain relief to seemingly unrelated sites. By stimulating these pressure points for headaches at home, you can prolong the benefits of your massage therapy appointment.

1.  Union Valley Pressure Point

The Union Valley pressure point is located in the fleshy skin between the thumb and forefinger. This point releases pressure in the neck and head, and is great for relieving pain in the sinuses, jaw and ears. Stimulating it can also help with detoxification and menstrual cramps.

To stimulate this pressure point, use the thumb and index finger of the opposite hand to apply gentle but firm pressure on the area for 3 minutes, massaging it in small circles. Take deep breaths whilst doing so.

2.  Drilling Bamboo Point

The drilling bamboo point rests on either side of the bridge of the nose where it meets the ridge of the eyebrows. It’s best for pain related to allergies or sinus pressure, or any eye strain caused by staring at screens. Stimulating this pressure point before sleep is a great way to help you unwind after a long day of desk work. Simply use your index finger to apply firm pressure, release and repeat several times.

3.  The Gates of Consciousness Point

The Gates of Consciousness point is located at the base of either side of your skull in the hollow areas between the two vertical parallel neck muscles. This is one of the most effective pressure points for tension headache relief – it addresses blurred vision, low energy, and fatigue. It’s also been said to be beneficial for sufferers of stress, anxiety and insomnia.

To stimulate this point, either use your index and middle finger or clasp your hands behind your neck with thumbs facing downwards to press firmly upwards for 10 seconds. Release and repeat several times.

Bespoke Massage Therapy in Essex

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