Demystifying Acupuncture For Pain Management

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment that involves the insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body to alleviate pain and improve overall health. Despite its growing popularity, many people still have misconceptions about acupuncture and how it works. In this article, we’ll demystify acupuncture and explore its benefits for pain management, […]

Preventing Sports Injuries: Tips from Essex Physiotherapy Clinic

Playing sports is a great way to stay active, healthy and fit, but it can also come with a risk of injury. Some sports injuries are minor and can be treated with rest and over-the-counter pain medication, but others can be more serious and require medical attention. To avoid sports injuries and keep playing at […]

Relaxation Therapy for Frozen Shoulder Pain

Relaxation therapy is a highly effective treatment for frozen shoulder, a common condition that causes pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. At Essex Physiotherapy Clinic, we offer a range of relaxation therapies, including physiotherapy and sports massage, to help alleviate pain and improve range of motion. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of […]

Relieving A Headache When Painkillers Won’t Work

How to get rid of a headache? We’ve all been there: A pounding pain which just won’t seem to go away however hard you try. Persistent and irritating, a constant pain is likely to cause discomfort in your daily life, and may even result in absences at work, cancelled plans and less enjoyment doing the […]

What Is Reiki? A Beginner’s Guide

While you may be aware of acupuncture and the genuine benefits it provides, there are an array of other alternative therapies and healing techniques which are proven to assist with continuous pain and injuries. If you’ve explored many various options, and nothing seems to be working, these effective techniques may be just what you require. […]

A Brief Guide To Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation therapy may be an unfamiliar concept to you, but it is set to rise in popularity well into 2023. Though there are plenty of conventional forms of therapy available at Essex Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd including physiotherapy and massage therapy, newbies to mindfulness as well as those well aware of meditation and guided relaxation can […]

Common Questions Regarding Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture therapy may seem daunting to some (especially if you have a fear of needles!), though this tried and tested form of therapy is brilliant for assisting in a number of tricky situations. Originating and developing from a component of traditional Chinese medicine, this popular practice is perhaps a lot less complex and worrying than […]

Sport-Specific Injuries To Seek Help For

Competing in sports is one of the best ways to keep fit, both mentally and physically. Whether kicking a ball around with friends, or taking part in organised events and challenges, there are so many benefits to getting your heart racing and socialising. Despite the enjoyable nature of organised sport activities, there is scope to […]

3 Pressure Points to Target for Tension Headache Relief

In the UK, approximately 1 in 30 adults suffer from chronic tension headaches – meaning that they experience a headache on more than half of all days for three months or more. Anyone who struggles with tension headaches on a regular basis knows how debilitating they can be, and it’s not always as straightforward as managing them […]

How Does Acupuncture Help to Relieve Pain?

Recent studies have reported that between one-third and one-half of the UK population (just under 28 million adults) are affected by chronic pain. Chronic pain in its numerous forms has become a silent epidemic, with more people than ever struggling to deal with this hidden disability. At Essex Physiotherapy, we’ve helped patients of all ages to find […]

Common Sports Injuries & How You Should Treat Them

There are a number of common injuries that can occur during sporting activity, some of which are more serious than others. In this article, we’ll take a look at three of the most common sports injuries and what you can do to treat them. Ankle Pain One of the most common sports injuries is a […]

How To Deal With Back Pain & Injuries

Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors. You could have injured your back muscles while working out or lifting something heavy, but a common cause of back pain is poor posture when sitting or standing. When you suffer from back pain, you might be stiff and find it difficult to get comfortable. […]

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