Relieving A Headache When Painkillers Won’t Work

How to get rid of a headache? We’ve all been there: A pounding pain which just won’t seem to go away however hard you try. Persistent and irritating, a constant pain is likely to cause discomfort in your daily life, and may even result in absences at work, cancelled plans and less enjoyment doing the activities you usually enjoy. Consult this handy guide and allow Essex Physiotherapy Clinic to take you through some of the most effective and proven methods for relieving a headache WITHOUT the need for a constant stream of painkillers and medication.

Physical Therapies

Though physical therapies aren’t typically seen as the solution to a persistent migraine headache, there are plenty of benefits to be found from consulting an approved physical therapist in an effort to resolve a continuous issue. Addressing poor posture and muscle damage may be beneficial when targeting a headache which has become a recurring problem, and a physical therapist may fulfil this by introducing stretching techniques, soft tissue mobilisation and informative guidance on how to properly align your head and neck to reduce muscle tension.

Stress Management Techniques

Many tension headaches are due largely to a build-up of stress, and of course one of the best ways to get on top of such issues is by managing your workload and circumstances surrounding any accumulation of tension. Unlike medication, mindfulness and relaxation techniques won’t have any side-effects or ramifications, in fact, stress management techniques can even help you in everyday life to cope with other problems. Meditation and deep breathing exercises are adaptable to your circumstances, and can be practised almost anywhere, morning, noon and night.


Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine which involves thin needles being painlessly inserted into the body. The intended purpose of this technique is to stimulate sensory nerves within particular areas, and while our recommended course of action for headaches is to undertake acupuncture treatment twice a week for a two week period, some clients can find themselves noticing relief after just one session. chronic tension type headaches can really cut into your life, so why not let us get to the root of the problem at Essex Physiotherapy Clinic?

Cognitive Therapy

The unpredictable nature of headaches and their cause mean that no one course of treatment is the very best, however cognitive therapy exists to try and find a specific solution based on your lifestyle and needs. Therapy may be used to treat headaches by identifying and managing prominent headache triggers, or even treating related conditions like depression, anxiety, obesity, or sleep disturbance. There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and therapists will look to get to the very core of the issue.

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