Sports Massage & Personal Training for Sports Injuries

Whatever you’re training for, the London Marathon, a local fun run or Sunday League football, you’ll know the feeling of all that training beginning to get to you and the all too common aches and pains sometimes become worse as you carry on. This is a familiar feeling and it’s crucial that you invest in Sports Physiotherapy or a sports massage to help you continue training and recover from injury better and more effectively.

Common Conditions We Treat

Whatever the pain you are trying to relieve, you can do so with physiotherapy or a sports massage from Essex Physiotherapy Clinic.

Hamstring Tears

Tennis & Golfers Elbow

ITB Pain

Rotator Cuff Injuries

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Soft tissue healing, pain relief pain, stiffness, strength recovery and conditioning

Sports Physiotherapy will be specific to your injury and the sport you play. Physiotherapy offers a wide range of treatments including manual therapy, electrotherapies, rehab, sports taping and orthotics and braces. Our treatments are based on individual assessment and help soft tissue healing, relieve pain, stiffness and recover strength and conditioning. Our objective is to get you great results. Contact us today to discuss your injury.

Sports massage is a helpful way to decrease muscle pain and prepare you for your next sporting endeavour however big or small it is. Whether you have been experiencing jumpers’ knee, throwers shoulder or ankle pain from running, a sports massage can be focused on specific areas of your body and the pains that you are dealing with and help you increase your performance as well as relieve stress and improve your overall wellbeing. For a quality sports massage, contact us today.

Got an injury or medical condition but still want to get fit?


Physiotherapists train in all areas of medicine;  Sports, Bone & Joint, Chest conditions, Heart problems, Children’s medicine etc… Then, after a couple of years working as a generalist physio, under supervision, they choose to specialise,  just like Doctors who become Registrars and Consultants, building up their expertise with further training. When you Personal Train with a Physiotherapist who has specialised in Sports, Strength and Conditioning, and Personal Fitness you get all of their other expertise as well. Bonus? We think so!

Added to this, if they think you need a little tweak of some kind - massage, joint adjustment, ultrasound etc. They are right on the spot to deliver it at the most appropriate time. We have close links with Club Woodham to provide this great service in conjunction with their excellent facilities, offering you the very best service.

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