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Angela now offers wellness and mindset coaching as a stand alone option in addition to its use within physiotherapy sessions. 

Many of you know me from physiotherapy sessions over the last 35 years and know that I take a holistic approach to health, wellness and recovery. When things aren’t right physically there can sometimes be a stress trigger. But also, there are times when things get on top of us and we need someone to talk to so we can make the changes we need, and feel comfortable again.

Why would you consider coaching?

Coaching is well accepted in business and sport to help teams and individuals to improve performance, maintain personal wellbeing and relieve stress. We understand about physical fitness routines and training but mental fitness training is often ignored yet so important for coping with life’s challenges.

Managing an injury, an ongoing health condition or simply a difficult patch with family and work stress can make us feel lonely, or unlike our normal self and impacts on our general mood and performance.

Since COVID and with the political and economic difficulties the world is facing many people are finding life challenging. They are looking for more fulfilment, a new sense of identity or a change to their life, health, fitness or weight.  One of the major causes of the distress we feel is the way our minds have been conditioned to think sometimes since childhood. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How does coaching work?

Negative mind chatter that leads to stress, worry, health issues and feeling unfulfilled can take different forms:

  • Feeling anxious and constantly looking for the next threat
  • People pleasing but secretly feeling resentful or taken for granted
  • Not taking care of ourselves
  • Judging ourselves, circumstances and others harshly. Using critical words directed to ourselves and others like stupid, clumsy, loser, ugly, idiot etc or thinking - if only…/ when I’ve…/If I had…
  • Rushing around like a headless chicken, never finishing what we start and feeling constantly overwhelmed
  • Always pushing ourselves to achieve more but never feeling we’ve achieved enough
  • Avoiding important issues and hoping they’ll go away
  • Procrastinating

Sound familiar?

Sometimes we even feel inspired after seeing a Tv programme, reading an inspiring book or hearing a motivational speaker but however motivated we feel initially it tails off really fast and we end up back where we started.

With coaching it takes six weeks with a carefully designed programme to make those temporary intentions permanent, learn how to improve your mental fitness, tap into the positive intelligence part of the brain and find

  • Empathy for yourself and others – even the really annoying ones.
  • Better boundary setting.
  • More fulfilling relationships with partners, friends and colleagues.
  • How to navigate towards discerning decisions about your life and health.

I’m busy, how much work is involved?

My six-week group coaching course takes just two hours a week (one personal study session in your own time at the weekend and a coaching session) plus two minutes three times a day? All in small groups, including a great App from positiveintelligence.com which is fun to use, my YouTube resources and membership site. It’s neat enough to fit into the most demanding schedule and designed for busy lives.

If you’re ready for a change then this is for you.

There are also 1-2-1 sessions available for laser focused attention on just you.

My next group coaching sessions start in January. Why not call the clinic today on 01245325037 and book your free discovery call to find out more.

Looking forward to working towards your best life soon.


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