Sport-Specific Injuries To Seek Help For

Competing in sports is one of the best ways to keep fit, both mentally and physically. Whether kicking a ball around with friends, or taking part in organised events and challenges, there are so many benefits to getting your heart racing and socialising. Despite the enjoyable nature of organised sport activities, there is scope to pick up injuries, many of which are disruptive to everyday life. Read on and allow the experts at Essex Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd to take you through some of the most frequent sport-specific injuries, alongside how we can help out.

Tennis And Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are very similar in nature, manifesting as two painful conditions occurring due to overuse of the forearm muscles near the elbow joint, or areas near the wrist. Clinically known as ‘lateral epicondylitis’, this condition will worsen over time if not treated, and will likely restrict your ability to partake in activities which would otherwise be pain-free. Regularly affecting golfers and tennis players due to the repeated motions of gripping a racket or club, physiotherapy is one of the most common ways to combat it.

Thrower’s Shoulder

Not only is thrower’s shoulder is common in sports that involve throwing, but also in swimming and activities where the shoulder is forced to regularly carry weight in a repeated motion. The main treatment for thrower’s shoulder is long-term rehabilitation, and notable symptoms include pain radiating from the front of the shoulder and side of the arm, while this painful affliction may first become evident while throwing or competing.

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee can affect individuals competing in many sports which include high-intensity running, be that within an athletics context, football or rugby. Characterised by frequent knee problems and a continuous throbbing pain, this issue will sometimes worsen when you walk downstairs or downhill. Acupuncture treatments are often beneficial when dealing with runner’s knee, while a lengthy spell of resting the limb will also likely help.

Cycling Leg Cramps

Cycling leg cramps are irritating if you cycle to work or commute via bicycle, though thankfully these cramps are often only temporary. Some of the more prominent causes of cycling leg cramps are dehydration and overexerting yourself on the roads. Periods of rest will likely resolve this issue, though medical intervention may also be necessary if irritation persists. Physiotherapy exists to relieve many common symptoms, so it’s well worth enquiring about.

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