A Brief Guide To Relaxation Therapy

Relaxation therapy may be an unfamiliar concept to you, but it is set to rise in popularity well into 2023. Though there are plenty of conventional forms of therapy available at Essex Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd including physiotherapy and massage therapy, newbies to mindfulness as well as those well aware of meditation and guided relaxation can benefit equally. Allow us to take you through this miniature guide to relaxation therapy, including the significant advantages, the way in which this alternate form of therapy can enhance your daily life, alongside the varied stress management methods used by therapists to relax the body and mind.

A New Type Of Therapy

You may not be as aware of relaxation therapy compared to common methods employed by professionals, which focus predominantly on targeting muscle groups, areas of tension or sensory nerves. More holistic than traditional forms of stress relief and therapy, relaxation therapy largely relates to the concept of unwinding via instructional videos, soundtracks, recordings or music compilations, paired with a relaxing and quiet physical environment to accompany this visual or auditory experience. The environment in question could be your home, a secluded spot or somewhere completely different. This is one of the best things about relaxation therapy – the choice is yours!

Everyone Can Benefit

Due to the flexible nature of relaxation therapy, many audiences and groups can benefit from it, be that via an organised gathering or enjoyed solo. If your job is particularly stressful, this may be a sensible activity to perform in the evening, while others may prefer to experience it first thing in the morning before anything else. Families, work groups and school-age children will all benefit from exposure to guided relaxation therapy, much simpler and arguably more mentally stimulating than other options. Our practitioners are even able to provide specific guidance to you depending on your circumstances.

Seamlessly Release Stress

When experiencing stress, your body will release hormones, which increase blood pressure and raise your heart rate. The long-term effects of stress on your body are well-documented, and may include an increased risk of heart disease or experiencing a stroke later in life. Stress can also lead to weight gain, prolonged muscle tension and respiratory issues. Regularly catering to your mental health and actively seeking to relieve stress via relaxation therapy will pay dividends in the future, as relaxation techniques can actively lower your blood pressure and heart rate, alongside an array of other benefits.

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