Easing Anxiety in Children with Relaxation Therapy

It’s not uncommon for children to have anxiety, particularly with the past couple of years of uncertainty. Their schedules and social lives have changed drastically and children often internalise fear that may come from overhearing people talking. While it may seem that a child should be stress-free, that’s simply not the case.

Read more for some information on the ways in which relaxation therapy can help ease anxiety in children.

Signs of Anxiety in Children

Wondering if your child suffers from anxiety? Here are some of the more common signs of anxiety in children:

–      can’t concentrate easily

–      have nightmares frequently

–      appetite has waned

–      seem out of control at times

–      are quick to anger

–      don’t sleep well

–      use the toilet frequently

–      cry often

–      tend to cling to you

–      often have tummy aches or feel ill

–      suffer from separation anxiety

–      have negative thoughts often

If you find that your child has several of these issues and they cannot be explained by medical reasons, then you likely have an anxious little one.

How Relaxation Therapy Can Help

Relaxation therapy helps a child’s body to relax. Once the body is relaxed, the mind can follow. Unfortunately, it’s very common to teach meditation and breathing practices, but if the body is still in fight or flight mode, it may not work. The hormones and adrenaline surging through the body will prevent true relaxation.

With gentle massage and relaxing soundtracks, as well as aromatherapy, it’s possible to help children calm down. Over time, they’ll learn to calm themselves and release the stress that is holding them back in school and life.

Relaxation therapy may consist of many parts, each designed to help you relax and let go of the anxiety in your body. It’s just as beneficial for children as it is for adults. Set an example for your children and engage in relaxation therapy yourself to ease your own anxiety.

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