How Your Phone Could Be Causing Neck Pain & How To Prevent It

Have you ever considered that the cause of your neck pain might actually be your smartphone? This may sound like a totally grandiose claim, but in reality, a large percentage of smartphone users actually do suffer from neck pain, so much so that there’s a dedicated term to describe the condition – text neck! Text neck can certainly be uncomfortable to say the very least, but it can also have long-term implications if you fail to take steps to avoid it.

This guide aims to explain exactly how your smartphone could be causing your neck pain, as well as offer effective advice on how to prevent it, so read on to discover more.

What Is Text Neck?

Text neck can be described as pain or discomfort felt when lifting the head into an upright position, as a result of spending too much time with your head held down looking at your smartphone in an unnatural drooped manner. Many people move their head and neck to look down at their smartphone rather than holding their smartphone up towards eye level, and this is the main issue that can cause you to feel the symptoms of text neck.

Experiencing pain when you hold your head up properly will no doubt cause further problems, as it can encourage you to maintain that dropped position so as not to feel the pain. This in turn can impact your posture, potentially having a permanent impact on your spine alignment if you continually fail to achieve the right posture. It’s clear that text neck is a real risk that needs to be avoided, so it’s important that you can take steps to prevent it.

How To Prevent Text Neck

The best way to prevent text neck is to change the way that you use your phone, as you need to hold it up level with your head so that you do not have to slouch down to see your screen. It has to be said that you will also benefit from an appointment with an expert physiotherapist, as they see cases of text neck often and can provide you with a variety of exercises and effective advice that will help to minimise the pain and improve your posture.

A good physiotherapist can offer you countless tips and tricks to maintain a good posture and therefore prevent neck pain, allowing you to use your phone without the risk of aches and discomfort. Preventing text neck should be the main priority if you want to stay comfortable and pain-free while looking after your spine and maintaining a great posture.

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