What Are the Most Common Types of Tennis Injuries?

Tennis is a complex sport requiring a great deal of movement, endurance, strength and power. Sport related injuries are common in this sport, so it is important to take the necessary steps to prevent these injuries.

Read on to explore the most common types of tennis injuries and how you can prevent them.

Wrist Strains

Wrist strains often occur from gripping the tennis racket incorrectly. The best grip position to prevent wrist and elbow injuries is the “handshake grip”, with the racquet making an “L” position with the forearm.

Tennis Toe

Tennis toe can occur as the toes are jammed against the toe-box of the shoe during tennis’s quick starts and stops. Tennis toe is a haemorrhage under the toe nail which can be quite painful. To prevent tennis toe, keep toenails clipped short so that they do not extend past the end of the toe. This will reduce pressure and friction on the toe. You can also tape the big toe and second toe together and always ensure that your shoes fit properly.

Knee Pain

The most common type of tennis injury is anterior (front) knee pain. This is due to softening of the cartilage or tendinitis. This is thought to be related to the “spring-up” action of the knees on the serve. To prevent knee pain, ensure that you always warm up and stretch properly before you play.

Back Pain

Back pain in tennis players seems to be related to an exaggerated arched posture used for power production during return shots.  

This exaggerated position stresses the small joints and soft tissues of the spine, leading to back pain. Ensure that you have a racket that properly fits you and that you are using the correct form when playing.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is common in individuals who play sports such as tennis or volleyball. It occurs when the shoulder joint and the surrounding muscles are overworked while the arm is in an overheard position, which leads to muscle stretching and pain. One way to relieve frozen shoulder is by receiving sport physiotherapy treatment from a specialist.

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