What is Physiotherapy and When is it Necessary?

Physiotherapy is there to help you restore movement and function if you are affected by illness, injury or disability. It has a wide range of applications, being beneficial when recovering from a wide range of issues such as ankle pain, a stroke or even after a heart attack. It also has preventative qualities, helping to reduce the risk of injury or illness in the future. Physiotherapy can gently improve your physical activity whilst helping you prevent any additional injuries.

Here at Essex Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide the treatments you need to help you ease your physical discomfort, aid sports-related injuries and battle stress. We do this in a calm environment which also can include home visits, whatever suits your needs.

Read on to find out more about physiotherapy and see whether it could help you.

What Can Physiotherapy Do For You?

Physiotherapy can treat a variety of different issues helping with knee pain, stress management and relaxation therapy. It can be both a preventative measure and one undertaken after injuries. It consists of individually designed exercises to help patients regain or improve their physical abilities. Your physical therapist takes care of you throughout the whole process and works with you to design a personalised physiotherapy program that will help you return to your prior level of function and encourage lifestyle changes that will help prevent further injury.

Treating long-term complaints

If you are suffering from long-term complaints such as lower back pain, we know how debilitating this issue is and how hard it is to correct it. Lower back pain, or lumbago, has many causes, including:

●     Slouching

●     Lifting without proper technique

●     Bending down awkwardly

●     Long drives without stops

●     Stress

●     Being overweight

8 out of 10 people will suffer from back pain at some point, but here at Essex Physiotherapy Clinic, we can help fix your problem and get you back on track. Most of the issues you may experience come from problems with the nerves, muscles and joints near and around your spine. Our team of qualified physiotherapists will provide you with the appropriate treatment to alleviate your lower back pain effectively. Our treatments are designed to ensure your recovery is long-lasting, so you won’t be back in the clinic complaining in a few weeks about your back hurting again.

Knee pain is also very common and can be very disruptive to your day if not rectified. A mild injury such as from a sports-related accident or a fall can cause the muscles around your knee to become stiff, making your body naturally shift more emphasis onto your other limbs, which could lead to more advanced problems if left untreated. We offer massage techniques that will alleviate the pressure on your injury, working to minimise the pain you are in and reduce swelling. Your physiotherapist will then work to rebuild the muscles around your knee by guiding you through a variety of exercises and stretches.

Our Techniques

Some of the techniques we use include yoga, acupuncture, rehab exercise such as stretches and core strengthening, manual therapy and even ergonomic advice. You’ll find in this case, with a few lifestyle adjustments and our help, you will be much improved in no time.

Physiotherapy can have a lot of benefits to your long-term health. By encouraging a more healthy lifestyle, physiotherapy can help lower cholesterol and make your blood pressure more consistent. By increasing blood flow in damaged muscles and joints, it can reduce the risk of dietary and vascular diseases. Our treatments can also vastly improve your mental health, removing that detrimental sore joint pain that could lead to depression or anxiety if it persisted. All our treatments have a high success rate but if issues persist we can refer you for further investigations such as blood tests, X-rays and scans.

Recovering from an injury

Our expert physiotherapists are trained to treat a wide range of issues and conditions with massage therapy services. We start with a consultation and an analysis to figure out exactly what the issue is, so we can provide the most suitable massage therapy to improve your life. Each treatment is tailored to your needs, whether you’re recuperating from an injury or simply lead an active lifestyle. Our massage treatments include:

●     Acupuncture

●     Relaxation

●     Hypnotherapy

●     Reflexology

●     Stress related issues

●     Relaxation

Our physiotherapists are trained in all areas of medicine and then choose to specialise in their specific fields. We have close links with Club Woodham to provide physio-led personal training, where you can be trained by an expert physiotherapist who is also trained in Sports, Strength and Conditioning, and Personal Fitness. When you train with a physio, they are on hand to help out in all aspects of your workout, whether this is through training or offer advice on what physiotherapist treatment you require.

We understand our clients live demanding lifestyles, so our sessions can help to manage stress and help you stay calm and relaxed. Speak to us now to find out how we help alleviate stress.

Sports massage

If you are in constant training for something whether it be a marathon, a tournament, or even just do a lot of workouts, a sports massage can help combat any aches and pains before they progress into serious problems. This can be directed towards certain problems, such as any ankle pain, thrower’s shoulder or pain on the outer side of the knee.

Our sports massages can help restore muscle function, relieve tension, help with strains and injuries and even a more general massage if you don’t have any specific struggles. Massages are available both pre and post-workout and cost £35 for a thirty-minute massage plus a free consultation. We will also donate £5 to your chosen charity so visit our sports injuries page and enquire about a massage now.

Improving your mobility

Physiotherapy can help people of all ages who are suffering from mobility issues and want to rectify this, whether you’re an older patient who requires a walking aid or suffering from a mobility-related illness. We will work with you and recommend personalised exercises to help increase your mobility and will assess your needs to find out what will benefit you the most.

These could be exercises designed to improve movement and muscle strength in a specific area of the body to be completed regularly for a set length of time or help with your balance and coordination. Activities can be adapted to fit anybody, such as if you need to exercise from a more sedentary position or lead a more active life. Consistency is key for this, only improving if a continuous effort is put in to increase the range of movement over time.

Post-surgery treatments or physiotherapy to avoid therapy

Post-surgery exercise can be paramount to your recovery. We may recommend activities involving your whole body, such as swimming or walking, that will gradually build up your strength over time without resorting to heavy exercise. For issues such as hip replacements, we will help you regain confidence in walking again and get you back on your feet at a pace that will suit you, while also encouraging the development of your body.

We also recommend physiotherapy to avoid future therapy. The body needs to be cared for and nurtured or else this can lead to major problems. By using our services, you will find improvements to your physical health such as; improving flexibility, strengthening the body and inner endurance. By applying these preventative measures you are more likely to avoid a serious injury in the future.

Physiotherapy can also be a way of avoiding surgery or resorting to painkillers. Physical therapy can be just as effective as surgery for certain issues such as knee osteoarthritis. If surgery is needed, preventative physiotherapy can make sure you enter the surgery in a better shape, therefore being able to recover faster. It can also help alleviate pain without needing prescription medication that could have negative side effects.

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